Our Team

Connection at the core

Our team thrives on creating meaningful connections. We value each individual, recognising the importance of diverse backgrounds and histories. Our ability to connect with people from all walks of life is what sets us apart.

At Acacia, our dedicated team of highly qualified clinicians are passionate about guiding you on your journey to mental wellbeing. Each of our people bring a personalised approach guided by their wealth of experience, expertise, and a genuine commitment to providing the highest standard of care for you.

Two women sitting on couch and talking

Meet the team

Laura Robinson

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Laura has over 10 years of social work experience that she has gleaned in working as a school counsellor, drug and alcohol counsellor and an accredited mental health social worker in private psychology clinics.

Aleah Haffenden

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Aleah has been working in the mental health field for the past nine years. The majority of her clients are aged 14 and above, and she is particularly interested in working with people experiencing a range of concerns.

Fiona Clarke

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Fiona is a warm, empathetic and insightful clinician who is able to create a strong therapeutic alliance to empower clients through purposeful change. Although sessions will feel relaxed and conversational, her approach is underpinned by a safe, non-judgmental and evidence-based framework matched to your therapeutic goals.

Fiona Reizner

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Fiona is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Parent Consultant and Facilitator. Fiona provides her clients with a safe and non-judgmental space where they can learn to pause, reflect, and identify their emotional needs.

Deb Parker

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Deb’s loves to work with individuals going through relationship challenges whether it be romantic, at work, or with family and friends. Deb has 10 years clinical experience to help you navigate the intricate realm of interpersonal relations.