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Corporate psychological support

Acacia Psychology can provide corporate services to diverse companies seeking psychological support, including tailored support and specialist inbound & outbound services.

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Sensitive claimants 24/7 support

Acacia Psychology’s dedicated 24/7/365 line gives mental health coverage where private practitioners cannot. We act as an additional layer of support for high-risk claimants, adjunct to their current clinical care support. Our clinical team provides next-day reporting to the case manager to forward to the treating case Psychologist. This service complements face-to-face therapy to mitigate risk and enhance claimant wellbeing.

A referral is required for a client to access this service including their case background and the type of service. 

Client is provided with the 24/7/365 1300 number to call at any time when they feel there is a risk of harm to themselves or others.

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