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Our terms & conditions

Counselling Service

As part of providing the counselling service to you, Acacia Psychology will record information that is relevant for your situation, such as your name, contact information, medical history and other relevant information. This collection of personal information will be a necessary part of the counselling assessment and treatment that is conducted.

A detailed description of how your personal information is managed, how you can access your personal information, and how to lodge any concerns or complaints about this service is provided below. This counselling service complies with the Australian Privacy Principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, as well as the related State and Territory Acts which apply to providers of health services in private jurisdictions.

Purpose of collecting and holding information

Personal information may be recorded as part of the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, and in the interest of your privacy, used only by your therapist and the authorised personnel of the practice. Your personal information is retained to document what happens during sessions and enables the therapist to provide a relevant and informed counselling service to you. Details of your consultations (session notes) are stored securely in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.

Your personal information is not disclosed to overseas recipients, unless you consent or such disclosure is otherwise required by law. Your personal information will not be used, sold, rented or disclosed for any other purpose. In the event that unauthorised access, disclosure or loss of a client’s personal information occurs, Acacia Psychology will activate its data breach plan and use all reasonable endeavours to minimise any risk of consequential serious harm.

A more detailed description is provided in Acacia Psychology’s Privacy Policy, which is available on our website (www.acaciapsychology.com) or can be provided upon request.

Access to client information

At any stage you are entitled to access your personal information kept on file, subject to exceptions in the relevant legislation. The therapist may discuss different forms of access, with you.

Disclosure of personal information

All personal information gathered by the therapist during the provision of the counselling service will remain confidential except when:
  1. If is subpoenaed by a court, or disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law; or
  2. Failure to disclose the information would in the reasonable belief of Acacia Psychology place you or another person at serious risk to life, health or safety; or
  3. Your prior approval has been obtained to,
    • provide a written report to another professional or agency, eg. a GP or a lawyer; or
    • discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent, employer, health provider or third-party funder; or
    • disclose the information in another way; or
    • disclosure to another professional or agency (eg. your GP) and disclosure of your personal information to that third party is for the purpose which is directly related to the primary purpose for which your personal information was collected.; or
  4. In the case that you transition from one therapist to another whilst under the care of Acacia Psychology, your files notes will be made available to your new therapist unless you request for this transfer to not occur; or
  5. Your therapist may discuss your case with another qualified senior mental health professional for the purpose of professional supervision and will do so in a manner that does not identify you. All supervisors are bound to uphold the confidentiality of your information.
In the case where the client is a child or young person, they are afforded the same rights to confidentiality, and the same conditions above apply.

In the case that you transition from one Acacia Psychology Professional to another whilst under the care of Acacia Psychology or its Affiliate, your records will be made available to your new therapist unless you request for this transfer to not occur.

In the case that your withdraw your consent to disclose information to a third-party for the purpose which is directly related to the primary purpose for which the service relates, Acacia Psychology may no longer be able to provide services for you.

Clients will:

  1. Treat staff & volunteers with respect and refrain from discriminatory comments or actions.
  2. Be considerate of their noise levels, explicit language use and personal conduct whilst attending Acacia Psychology.
  3. Maintain confidentiality of other clients, patients and staff.
  4. Understand that our clinicians are available by appointment only.
If clients are uncooperative with the above guidelines, necessary action may be taken. These guidelines ensure that Acacia Psychology is a welcoming, comfortable and supportive environment for all clients and staff.

Fees and cancellations

Please note that we are a private clinic and do not offer bulk billing of appointment fees with the exception of DVA clients. If you have a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), we can arrange for the Medicare rebate to be credited back to your account.

If you do not attend your appointment, or provide less than 24 hours’ notice, a fee equivalent to 50% of your booked service will be charged. This fee will be charged to your nominated credit card before your next appointment.

Cancellations with more than 24 hours’ notice attract no penalty as your appointment can be offered to the next client on our waiting list. Please contact Acacia Psychology’s administration personnel to make changes to your appointments.