Empowering you to overcome life’s challenges

Welcome to Acacia Psychology

Our dedicated team of clinicians collaboratively work with adults, individuals, couples and adolescents, supporting them on their unique journeys towards mental wellbeing.

Drawing on our extensive experience and your personal strengths, we provide tools and strategies to empower you to overcome life’s challenges.

About us

Welcome to Acacia Psychology, where our mission is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of Australians, promoting the normalisation of seeking assistance, and fostering meaningful connections.

At Acacia, we deliver evidence-based psychology and counseling services. Our commitment extends from your initial enquiry to your first session, ensuring continuous support and responsiveness.

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How we can help

Acacia Psychology uses an integrative, evidence-based therapy approach to life’s challenges and situations. We can provide support for all situations you may be experiencing in your work and personal life. Our clinicians will draw on their experience and your personal strengths to provide you with tools and strategies to overcome life’s challenges.

We welcome DVA, MHCP, & NDIS Clients.

Individual Wellbeing Counselling
Adolescent Wellbeing Counselling
Relationships & Couples Counselling
Phone & Video Counselling
Corporate & Government Services
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Your wellbeing is our top priority

At Acacia Psychology, we prioritise quality counselling and support, constantly innovating to enhance accessibility for everyone. Our commitment extends beyond traditional hours, with a 24/7 administrative support line at 1300 668 200 ensuring assistance whenever you need it. We offer tailored counselling through face-to-face, phone and secure video sessions, making psychological support available anytime, anywhere. With quick service times, competitive pricing, and convenient locations in central Brisbane, your well-being is our top priority.