What is Mental Health?

Many people answer the question “what is mental health?” by listing a whole bunch of mental health issues, rather than defining the default state of being that all of us share.

Mental health is simply the state of health of our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing, affecting the way we feel, think and act, as well as determining our resilience, decision-making and reactions to other people. Whatever your mental state, the term ‘mental health’ refers to all of these states, just like ‘physical health’ refers to all states of physicality.

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Positive Mental Health

Possessing positive mental health doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any mental health problems. You can be in a state of’ ‘just ok’ mental health, or have good mental health within yourself, but be affected by the mental health of those around you. Achieving good mental health is about:

  • Having enough resilience to cope with life
  • Recognising your potential and making the most of it
  • Having healthy relationships with people around you (family, friends, workmates) and participating fully in daily activities

This does not mean that you’re immune to negative feelings or thoughts. While you may be more resilient than people who don’t have a strong positive mental health, it doesn’t mean you’ll never feel negative emotions. Negative emotions such as anger, grief, jealously and heartache, for instance, are a normal part of positive mental health.

Mental Health Concerns

There are many types of mental health issues under a number of different categories, which is a topic all its own. In any case, there are some mental health concerns that are difficult to get through, or can have long, intense or continual episodes that may require  professional support to get through.

Having mental health problems doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good mental health some or most of the time though. You can certainly be working through minor mental health problems while at the same time, living a fulfilling, happy life.

What is Mental Health Support, the Acacia Way?

Therapy or counselling services – such as those offered by Acacia Psychology’s accredited team of psychologists and social workers – can significantly help people with mental health issues to work through and resolve them.

Techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy (to name just a couple) are well-regarded, evidence-based treatments that are used effectively worldwide. These treatments can often help turn a person’s negative mental health state into a positive one with minimal distress.

Acacia Psychology’s free 30-minute Mental Wellness Check-In will give you the foundation to build an effective treatment plan that’s suited to your personal needs and abilities. Contact us today to book an appointment.

"The safety and well being of our clients and staff is always our top priority. Acacia Psychology is currently operating under normal conditions. Due to the pandemic status of COVID-19, some locations may move from face-to-face counselling to secure video or phone. All counselling services are able to be provided 24/7, as always. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and act quickly on the advice of health authorities."