How Does Physical Activity Improve Mental Health?

close up of a woman's legs and feet wearing rubber shoes while walking

We all know that physical activity is good for us, but how does physical activity improve mental health? If you want to understand more about the relationship between physical activity and mental health and how exercise can be greatly beneficial, here’s what you need to know… The relationship between physical activity and mental health Numerous […]

Why is Mental Health Important?

woman jumping at the beach while holding balloons

Living a balanced life does not only mean being physically fit and eating right, but it also means taking care of your mental well-being. But why is mental health important, and how does it play into a holistic way of living? Defining & Understanding Mental Health Mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional, and social well-being— […]

What is Mental Health?

a hand-drawn smiley on wet glass

Many people answer the question “what is mental health?” by listing a whole bunch of mental health issues, rather than defining the default state of being that all of us share. Mental health is simply the state of health of our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing, affecting the way we feel, think and act, as […]

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